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Draw with Dan Season 6 (Episodes 1 - 13)

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Draw with Dan, Season 6

Step Out And Soar: A practical path to achieving your wildest dream.

You have within you the power to take flight and make your most implausible dream come true. In this year-long live course, you will learn to prove that to yourself.

Based on international bestselling author Dan Roam’s upcoming book, “How to Soar: Ten Flying Lessons to Achieve the Impossible in Like and at Work,” this 13-episode interactive and in-person remote course takes you step-by-step from imaginative visualization of “what could be” through extraordinary accomplishment of what will become your new reality.

Using the once impossible dream of flight as both aspirational metaphor and practical roadmap, Dan walks you through the ten unfolding secrets that enabled regular people to rise from eons of earthbound dreaming to finally reach the sky, connecting humanity around the globe in ways our ancestors could only dream of.

Each session presents one “secret flight lesson,” weaving together an unexpected story from the dream of flight with a singular and practical outcome you can apply as you “step out and rise” in your own life and work. 

Together, we will soar. Because if we can fly, we can do anything

SOAR: Step On And Rise. Ten steps to make your impossible dream take flight. Join Dan as we launch SOAR, the one-year coaching program that makes your most impossible dream take flight.

SOAR Part 1: IMAGINE Join Dan and take your first step towards the impossible: imagine your future by leveraging the infinite power of your visual mind.

SOAR Part 2: BELIEVE Join Dan and see the world in a new way. Learn to look differently at your inputs so that you can begin to believe in new outcomes. 

 SOAR Part 3: BUILD YOUR TEAM Join Dan as you begin to build your new "Possibility Team." Identify the key roles others will play to support you in reaching your dream.

SOAR Part 4: BUILD YOUR PLANE Join Dan as you design and build the dream machine that will carry you out of your nest of comfort and into the open air of possibility.

SOAR Part 5: TAKEOFF Join Dan as you push the throttle of your dream machine, accelerate along your commitment runway, and leap into your first flight.

SOAR Part 6: CRUISE Join Dan as gain altitude into your initial dreamscape, watch the ground fall away, and take the first joyful taste of your new possibility. 

SOAR Part 7: TURBULENCE Join Dan as as you experience the inevitable bumps of your new journey and learn to keep going as unexpected storms cross your path. 

SOAR Part 8: RECOVER Join Dan as you safely navigate "dream turbulence" and learn the power of your own resilience. Discover "upset recovery" skills that will serve you as you expand your personal limits.

SOAR Part 9: SING Join Dan as you comfortably soar into the heights of your new world, safely "pushing your envelope" while joyfully expanding your new horizons.

SOAR Part 10: GIVE THANKS & GIVE BACK Join Dan as your newfound skills give you new ways to give thanks to those who came before -- and give support to others embarking on their own flights.

SOAR: LOOKING BACK Join Dan as we collectively review our journeys, from imagination to new reality. Share lessons learned, missions accomplished, and friends made.

SOAR: AHEAD Join Dan as we collectively make plans for how we will each expand our new capabilities, and reach for new dreams ahead.