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Draw with Dan Season 5 (Episodes 1 - 13)

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Draw with Dan, Season 5

SOAR: Time to write your book

In this 13-episode course, you will write your own book, month-by-month and step-by-step, alongside international bestselling author Dan Roam, as he writes SOAR, his next book. 

In this practical, inspiring, and highly-focused course, you will learn to write a book that sets you apart from the pack, establishes you as a thought-leader in your industry, and generates new and unexpected business opportunities. 

Writing your book is a life-changer that helps you redraw your future. This course shows you how to write your book while overcoming all the factors that get in your way.

This 13-lesson curriculum weaves together Dan writing SOAR with the step-by-step guidance you need to discover your own writing process:

  1. Getting started: Find your concept, core content, and inspired commitment
  2. The writing journey: Set a calendar, invest in yourself, finding a writing friend
  3. The “formal” book process: How it works and how to hack it 
  4. Best-laid plans: Build your table-of-contents roadmap
  5. Publishing: The pluses and minuses self-publishing, traditional, and hybrid
  6. Agents and Editors: right-size your writing team
  7. What publishers want: Pause and write a publisher pitch
  8. Midcourse concept check: Hold your course, or change your ship
  9. Book Marketing 101: It’s always the right time to be selling
  10. Audience check-in: Keep your “who” evolving
  11. Titles and blurbs: The few words that matter most
  12. Showtime: How to share your book in the best possible light
  13. Special guest-star session to bring the class to a close.

Throughout the course, you will receive real-world, step-by-step instruction, homework, and feedback from one of the world's bestselling business and communications authors,