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Draw with Dan Season 4 Recordings (Episodes 1-12)

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Join Dan and the NapkinAcademy crew on a year-long journey of presentation mastery.

Watch the recordings as we will cover everything you need to create and deliver the most persuasive presentation of your life.

  1. Understand what will make the best presentation of your life.
  2. Use templated sketching to discover your best presentation ideas.
  3. Fill in the “Visual Decoder” to illuminate the core of your own story.
  4. Share your visual story for feedback and input.
  5. Meet the world’s most persuasive 10-page story. (PPT Template provided)
  6. Establish common ground with your audience. (Pages 1-4)
  7. Reveal the magic your solution brings to your audience. (Pages 5-7)
  8. Persuade your audience with the “long win.” (Pages 8-10)
  9. Pull all the story elements together.
  10. Embed your sketches back into your slides.
  11. How to practice for your best presentation delivery.
  12. Build an unshakeable bond with your audience.

If you want real-world, step-by-step instruction, homework. and feedback from one of the world's bestselling presentation masters, join Draw With Dan Season 4.