Dan Roam's
Napkin Academy
Use pictures to clarify complexity, banish confusion and defeat fear.
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How It Works
Learn to solve any problem with a simple picture
Using the systems I've created in my international
best-selling books, you'll discover how to...
Save time and money
Visualize your ideas so you can think faster.
Be more persuasive
Sketch your ideas so you can share more clearly and sell more
See the invisible
Learn to draw anything — so you can see what everyone else is
Books by Dan Roam
“Visual thinking is to me a fascinating and inspiring thinking tool.
The Napkin Academy puts it very effectively into practice.”
~ Barbara ~
Karlsruhe, Germany
What You'll Learn
Evolve your skills over time at your own pace.
Work your way up and become a master
in the presentation arts.
What level are you?
Select a belt above to find out.
The Back of the Napkin by Dan Roam
This level brings you lessons from “The Back of the Napkin” and
starts you down the path to becoming a better visual thinker.
  • Become a friend with your
    visual mind
  • Recognize the visual elements
    of problems and ideas
  • Understand how vision works
  • Draw the six elemental pictures
    that explain anything
Blah Blah Blah by Dan Roam
At this level, you'll get lessons from “Blah Blah Blah” and begin
your training to become an advanced visual communicator.
  • Turn up your verbal crap-detector
  • Partner words with pictures for the
    ultimate in clarity
  • See how to discover the
    visual essence of any idea
  • Understand essential
    visual grammar
Show & Tell by Dan Roam
At this highest level of training, you'll receive lessons from “Show & Tell
and become a master of visual presentations.
  • Find your own visual truth
  • Recognize the four
    essential storylines
  • Create the simple pictures that
    power all great presentations
  • Learn how not to worry
“When you're ready to move beyond bullet points for your proposals,
instructions, and presentations, Dan shows you exactly how.”
~ James ~
California, United States
What it Costs
Join the 1,000s of Napkin Academy visual
presentation ninjas for just $19.99 per month.
The Back of the Napkin by Dan Roam
Books by Dan Roam
“The Napkin Academy has helped me totally redesign my approach
to how I present information to all my business audiences.”
~ Liz ~
Melbourne, Australia